Rent a MicroFridge, Refrigerator, or Safe:


If you would like to order a MicroFridge, Refrigerator, or Safe, please call our office at




Upcoming Delivery/Service Schedule:

Tuesday, September 29

UAlbany  10am - 12noon

RPI  1pm - 3pm

Cobleskill 1pm - 3pm

Siena 1pm - 3pm

Union 1pm - 3pm


Wednesday, October 30

Ithaca 10am - 12noon


Thursday, October 1

Purchase 11am - 1pm

New Paltz 11am - 1pm

Manhattanville 11am - 1pm

Pace 2pm - 4pm


Tuesday, October 6

Buffalo 11am - 12noon

University of Rochester 1pm - 2pm

Geneseo 2pm - 3pm

Hobart 3pm - 4pm