Theft and Damage Waiver

This optional charge protects the Lessee if the unit is stolen from the Lessee's properly locked residence hall room. The theft of the unit must be reported to the campus police or public safety officials. After a thorough investigation by the proper authorities and our Company, the student will not be charged for the unit if it is stolen from a Lessee's properly locked residence hall room. This waiver applies only to the theft of a unit that is reported to the Company prior to April 20th of the rental term. Student will not be charged for accidental damage to the unit, including damage or loss to the microwave glass, shelves, exterior, or puncture of the freezer if the waiver is selected and paid for. This waiver only applies to the accidental damage and does not cover malicious vandalism or purposeful attempts to damage the unit. In the event that the unit is damaged, the waiver will limit the Lessee's loss to the money paid for the waiver and the security deposit. Student will not receive a replacement unit if the unit is damaged unless a new contract is filled out and the theft and damage waiver payment is made for the replacement unit. This charge is not an insurance policy or insurance of any kind.

Charges covered by Theft and Damage waiver:

MicroFridge: $500.00

Fridge Freezer: $300.00

Microwave Glass: $40.00

Missing Shelf: $20.00